What is Xamarin Assemble?


Xamarin Assemble the greatest anual Argentinian event about Mobile Cross Platform apps development. The main goal of Xamarin Assemble is to set under the same roof the best speakers of the community and to provide knowledge to studients and professionals.
Another key of Xamarin Assemble is that is an event completely organized for and by the community.

What are you going to see?

  • Talks
  • Workshops
  • Mobile Business
  • Networking

Reasons to attend

Inspiring stories

Get to know the stories behind the most successful apps in the region telled by their creators.

Meet the experts

Talk with the professionals that most know about Cross Platform.

Latest news

Hear about the latest features and anticipate what's next.


Meet and gather together with colleagues and people that are passioned about technology like you.

Global Event

Synchronized with other events that are being held around the world.

Happy hour

Enjoy the moment after the event.


July 16-17-18

Limitless capacity


Do not miss it !



Sebastián Pérez


Nico Milcoff


Germán Kuber


Federico Maccaroni


Code of Conduct

We expect compliance with this code by all participants, whether they are organizer, collaborator, staff, speaker, sponsor and / or spectator.

The spirit of the conference is to be an environment of freedom of expression within a framework of respect and good manners. For this, all kinds of comments, images, attitudes and / or actions that may offend any person, whether or not they are part of the conference, should be omitted. This also includes all kind of harassment or discrimination related but not limited to gender, sexual orientation, disability, politics, religion, physical or mental health, economic condition, appearance, ethnicity, nationality and language.

It’s a priority for event organizers to create an inclusive and friendly environment for all participants. Failure to comply with what is detailed in this code will result in a warning of interruption of improper behavior which must be followed immediately, and otherwise, the definitive exclusion of the event will be determined without any objection. The event may also be stopped or interrupted without prior notice if any incident is detected during the execution of the event.

In any uncomfortable or inappropriate situation that occurs during the event, do not hesitate to contact any organizer and / or collaborator, which you can find in the organizers section of this website. These people are at your disposal and are prepared to handle these situations either publicly or privately. We want your experience at the event to be comfortable and enjoyable.

Frequent questions

Do I need previous knowledge?
None, that why we have two tracks. If you are getting started we recommend to take the Initial track. Otherwise, the Advanced track.
The event is Online so it can be seen from any device, however it's recommended for the workshops.
To Enjoy 100% the Xamarin Assemble experience we recommend having Visual Studio 2019 installed with the Xamarin components. Furthermore, try the setup with a new Xamarin project and running it before the event.
Yes, the event is free and online.
Do I need devices, like cellphones or tablets?
There is no need for that because we can use emulators installed with Visual Studio.
None. The Xamarin platform is comptible with both platforms and also Visual Studio and its components.
Xamarin Assemble is for anyone that has interest developing mobile multiplatform applications whether they are or not developers.




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